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Kingston University's vision and strategy: Led by Learning Our vision

To be internationally recognised for a creative approach to education that has practical outcomes which benefit people and communities.

Our purpose

To develop potential, transform lives and improve the world around us. To be led by learning in all that we do: enabling others to learn, continually learning ourselves and pushing the boundaries of learning through teaching, research and enterprise and professional practice.

We value

  • Rigour, curiosity, excellence and originality.
  • Innovation, creativity and enterprise.
  • Consideration, courtesy and collegiality.
  • Breadth, diversity and individuality.

What we do is straightforward. We help undergraduates, postgraduate and research students, organisations and others to learn; promote scholarship; advance professional practice; disseminate new ideas and discoveries through our research and knowledge transfer; and support learning within the region in which we are located. As a community of scholars, students and staff dedicated to learning we share responsibility for developing the full potential of ourselves and others.

The landscape of higher education is changing, and we must respond both to those developments and to the changing needs of the communities we serve. At Kingston we believe that learning is the most powerful way of improving societies and communities; it is a vital component of addressing global transformation and achieving economic development. We are, and will continue to be, highly international as well closely linked to our local community; and we will continue to provide courses that are relevant to business and the workplace, and to conduct high-quality research because all these things lead to better learning. We are also proud to be a University which encourages and supports those who have hitherto been excluded from higher education. Our students will want to learn, to change and to be challenged. Our systems, our estate and our processes are all there to support better learning. 

The ability to adapt, evolve and innovate is critical to creating a successful future, and our contribution is through learning. Our purpose and the objectives of this plan are intended to enable that success and thereby also achieve our vision. 

We will implement this strategic plan through a series of core underlying strategies and their operational plans, as follows:


  • Education
  • Research
  • Enterprise


  • People
  • Finance
  • Estates and Facilities
  • Information
  • Communication
  • Civic Engagement

Each objective in this strategic plan will be associated with a specific underlying strategy, with a nominated leader who will be accountable for its delivery.

We will ensure integration of the plan and the underlying strategies through four cross-cutting programmes:

  • the Student Experience Programme
  • the Staff Experience Programme
  • the Stakeholder and External Partner Programme
  • the Sustainability and Resources Programme

We will measure success in achieving the strategy through a set of Indicators of Success with associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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